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1) For non-Spanish speaking employers: Ability to bridge the cultural gap and build better communication/management practices with Spanish-speaking only employees resulting in increased morale, and more productive/better understood personnel – making them feel part of their respective organizations.


2) Support to Hispanic owned corporations to understand cultural differences and establish HR functions that are compliant and strategic for best practices and growth.


3) High-level placements of Spanish speaking professionals.

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Our bilingual and bi-cultural experts provide a unique combination of cultural knowledge and Spanish support in all HR functions.


With over 80 years of combined experience, People Performance Resources provides best practices in all areas of Human Resources.


Read on to see a more detailed list of our areas of expertise that we can bring to your organization.


What we provide is a level of commitment and high-standards that has earned the trust and respect of our clients, which has set us apart from the competition.  These services will be customized to the organization's environment.